Simon Crowe is…

Simon Michael Crowe is a Spirit-filled follower of Christ, proud to be British, 27 years old, yet still a hopeless romantic. (He’s waiting for THE ONE!)

He’s studying his second year of Missiology at Victory Bible College, Thailand (VBCI) but in a massive transitional stage of his life not knowig what to do next once the school term is out. All he knows is that he has a heart after God and is called to Asia (somewhere).

People say Simon has a spontaneous personality and can be flexible and adapt very easily whichever culture/people group he finds himself in. He likes to laugh a lot but is a very serious person also, though only his closer friends would know that. He is very empathetic and he doesn’t mind showing his vulnerable side. He prides himself on his transparency.

If you meet him you’ll say he’s congenial, amiable and gregarious, always concerned about others and an inspiration to those he meets. He’s humourous to the point of insulting sometimes; he means well but sometimes has poor execution but above all a great guy and very loyal friend.

He loves to drink tea with biscuits everyday and enjoys the occasional beer. he normally reads 5-6 books at the same time and is currently working through the Chronicles of Narnia series.

He was a youth  pastor and worship leaders in his hometown, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England before coming to VBCI in September 2011.

Finally, he’s probably the humblest guy in the whole city of Sriracha,  if not the most humblest guy in the entire province of Chonburi. No one can say for sure and of course Simon would never admit it but he’s probably the humblest guy in the whole of south east asia, if not the world.